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FSA provides specialized consultancy services to clients.  FSA operates a consultancy organization that has been established in the GCC region to specifically address emergency preparedness of industrial infrastructure, organizations and personnel preparedness challenges.


FSA staff is comprised of fire protection, safety and emergency response professionals with an average 30+ years of international experience in municipal fire, oil & gas and petrochemical industry, utilities, fire response, rescue and EMS services.

FSA takes a forward-thinking outlook and proactive approach to all it’s consultancy and project management assignments to ensure that efficient and effective solutions are employed on our client’s behalf.


FSA’s unique group of qualified and highly experienced personnel have worked on assignments worldwide to assess risks and mitigate against them.  Our expert resources bring an alternative solution to client risk assessment challenges.


FSA can develop emergency response pre-plans for best practice solutions to client identified risks.  Our pre-plans are based on NFPA standards and will not only take in to account existing response assets that clients may have, but also identify the gaps and recommend how to bridge them.


With any emergency response plan, alignment of the organization is essential to ensuring that an effective response in terms of personnel and response assets are utilized to the best possible levels.  FSA can draft complete plans or augment existing plans.


As a highly experienced technical resource, FSA maintains awareness of standards and emergency response technologies.  Technical development of an organization's requirements can often exceed the bandwidth of clients resources.  FSA provides a document development and technical appraisal services.

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