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Incident Command Basic

(NIMS 100, 200 & 700)


The Incident Management System (IMS) or Incident Command System (ICS) is an internationally recognized model for planning, controlling, and coordination of single and multi-agency crisis management and emergency responders. This 40-hour training course teaches basic IMS/ICS through utilization of a highly interactive 3D virtual reality theater, the Advanced Disaster Management System (ADMS). Participants will develop the interpersonal, visualization, and analytical skills that are essential to incident management at any level. Through utilization of the ADMS command training suite, delegates will be placed in command staff and general staff roles in accordance with the ICS structure during virtual incidents. Interactive scenarios will involve fires, hazardous materials, natural disasters, possible terrorist acts, and other potential complications to an incident within a wide range of customizable urban, industrial, marine, rail, road, or airport environments generated through virtual reality. Successful completion of this course will result in FSA certification.


40 hours (5 days)

Pre-Requisite Training


Topics covered

Incident Command System (ICS – 100)

  • How ICS became the standard for emergency management around the world

  • How ICS is interdisciplinary and organizationally flexible

  • Five management functions

  • Span of control

  • Position titles in ICS

  • Roles and responsibilities of the incident commander and command staff

  • Roles and responsibilities of the general staff

  • Expansion of the ICS organization

  • Facilities utilized in ICS

Single Resource Initial Action (ICS – 200)

  • Incident Command System organization

  • Use of ICS to manage an incident or event

IMS/NIMS Introduction (ICS – 700)

  • The intent of national or higher organizational level IMS/NIMS

  • Key concepts and principles underlying IMS/NIMS

  • The purpose of the IMS/NIMS components

  • The purpose of the emergency operations center

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