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Executive Incident Command



This 24-hour training course for senior management personnel with high-level incident management responsibilities, utilizes the interactive 3D virtual reality theater, the Advanced Disaster Management System (ADMS). This course provides the participant with the necessary knowledge and skills to either work within an established incident management system or manage an emergency management system at an executive level in order to bring an incident to a successful conclusion in accordance with NIMS standards. Interactive scenarios will involve fires, hazardous materials, natural disasters, possible terrorist acts, and other potential complications to an incident within a wide range of customizable urban, industrial, marine, rail, road, or airport environments generated through virtual reality. Successful completion of this course will result in FSA certification.


24 hours (3 days)

Pre-Requisite Training


Topics covered
  • Overview of ICS

  • Incident Command Post

  • Emergency Operation Center or Emergency Control Center

  • Incident Control Tactics

  • Emergency Response Planning

  • Developing Effective Drills

  • Leadership Principles

  • Control Tactics for Specific Emergency Types

  • ICS Case Studies & ICS Scenarios

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