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Fire Fighter I & II
(NFPA 1001, 2019 Edition)


This 480-hour training program is for persons seeking to become professional emergency responders. The course curriculum is in accordance with the NFPA 1001 (2019 Edition), Fire Fighter I & II (Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications) focusing on knowledge and skills a professional emergency responder requires. This course is Pro Board and IFSAC dual accredited, providing internationally recognized certification for emergency response professionals. Delegates must undergo examination and skills evaluation, which if completed successfully will result in Pro Board and IFSAC Certification.


12 weeks (480 hours)

Pre-Requisite Training
  • NFPA 472 HAZMAT Awareness & Operation

  • HAZMAT Operations (Specialty PPE & Product Control)

Topics covered
  • Industrial Fire Brigade Organization and Responsibilities

  • Orientation and Fire Service History

  • Fire Fighter Safety and Health

  • Fire Behavior

  • Building Construction

  • Fire Fighter Personal Protective Equipment

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Ropes and Knots

  • Rescue and Extrication

  • Forcible Entry

  • Ground Ladders

  • Ventilation

  • Water Supply

  • Fire Hose

  • Fire Streams

  • Fire Control

  • Fire Detection, Alarm, and Suppression Systems

  • Loss Control

  • Protecting Fire Scene Evidence

  • Fire Department Communications

  • Basic Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care for Firefighters

  • Introduction to Hazardous Materials

  • Operations at HAZMAT Incidents

  • Fire Hose, Nozzle, and Appliance Types and Use

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Detection and Signaling Systems

  • Fixed Fire Extinguisher Systems

  • Hazard Recognition

  • Incident Management

  • Loss Control

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