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Technical Rescuer

Rope Levels I & II

(NFPA 1006, 2013 Edition)


This 80-hour training program is designed for emergency responders who may be required to provide technical rope rescue in an emergency situation. The course curriculum is in accordance with the NFPA 1006 (2013 Edition), Rope Levels I & II (Standard on Technical Rescuer) and focuses the critical technical rescuer skills and knowledge. This course is Pro Board accredited, providing internationally recognized certification for Emergency Response Professionals, Industrial Fire Brigade or Emergency Response Team Members. Delegates must undergo an examination and skills evaluation, which if completed successfully will result in Pro Board Certification.


80 hours (10 days)

Pre-Requisite Training


Topics covered
  • Size up

  • Site Operations

  • Rescue Equipment and Maintenance

  • Knot Tying

  • Medical Considerations in Search and Rescue Operations

  • Patient Packaging

  • Anchor Systems

  • Belay Systems

  • Lowering Systems

  • Lowering System Exercises

  • Hauling Systems

  • Low Angle Rescue

  • Rappelling Systems

  • Ascending Systems

  • Pickoff Rescue Techniques

  • Highline Systems

  • High Angle Litter Attendant

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